what kind of dog is sam wiggins?
he's a mini labradoodle. 95% poodle, 5% stuffed animal.

um, what exactly do you do besides blog? do you make money from the blog?
i'm a nutritionist and photographer. weird combo, huh? this is a for profit blog and i do my best to keep things honest. if i do a sponsored post i'll be sure to tell you. also, i sometimes use affiliate links. 

i'm visiting nyc, any suggestions?
-check out my ny eats page.
-go shopping in soho.
-walk across the brooklyn bridge.
-go to the top of the rock. empire state building sucks.
-go sailing on the hudson.
-stroll through central park.
-visit a farmers' market.
-go to the ballet, or catch a play. 

-walk the high line
-eat some ny pizza at co. or roberta's in brooklyn.

are you a vegetarian? why?
my decision is part animal rights, part i'm a picky eater. i'm a pretty cool vegetarian and i won't push my opinions on you when you order lamb chops. promise.

can i post your photos on my blog?
unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by ed or myself. i am happy to share as long as you give me credit.

what kind of camera do you use?
all photos are taken with a canon 5D mark II. i have a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens as well as a 50mm f/1.4. i use photoshop for editing and only shoot in natural light. i have no clue how to use a light kit.